How to Incorporate Skull Art into Your Daily Life

Since ancient times, human beings have begun to pursue and explore skull art. It is a profound meditation on life and death. And people have never stopped exploring this art form, which depicts change and transformation. The art of skull now comes in a variety of forms. So, how to incorporate it into your daily life? Here are some tips. 


1. Learn To Draw Skulls

Actually, skull art isn't hard to come by. As long as you Google it, you will find too many skull drawing tutorials, easy or difficult, you can choose the one that suits your level to learn. If you are a painting novice, you have two options, the first is to try the method in the tutorial, stroke by stroke, and the second is a little more complicated. First, you need to print out the finished product in the tutorial, prepare the white sub-Kraft paper, drape it over the finished product, and then copy it, which may be more successful for beginners. If you can finish it well, then you can also try to draw a sugar skull, I believe you will have a great sense of accomplishment!

Learn To Draw Skulls


2. Decorate Your Home With Skull Art

A very good way to incorporate skull art into your daily life is to have skull art home decorations. Of course, if you're not a crazy fan of it, it doesn't need to be too exaggerated, or it might scare your family or visiting friends. You can put small decorations like skull candle holders or vases, or hang a decorative painting of a skull pattern. Remember the sugar skull painting introduced above? It's also a good inspiration. Skull-print fabrics homeware—such as sofa pillows or door curtains—are also a good option. In conclusion, a good skull pattern can make your home look modern and lively.

Decorate Your Home With Skull Art


3. Wear a Skull Print Clothing

The best way to incorporate an art into your everyday life is to wear prints inspired by it. People have swayed too much creativity when it comes to skull print clothing. No matter what style of dress you usually wear, lively, bold, street, gothic, etc., I believe you can find clothes that match your personality in skull print. In addition to clothes, you can also wear some related jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, etc., which can enhance your fashion taste.

Wear a Skull Print Clothing


4. Have a Skull Tattoo

Skull art is undoubtedly a cool logo, and if you plan to have a tattoo, then you might as well consider using this as inspiration to design your own tattoo design. You can use minimalist line art to lighten the heaviness, use all black ink to enhance the coolness, or color ink to make it look more lively and bright. Realistic or abstract, scary or romantic, you can use all your creativity to design this art entirely owned yourself.

Have a Skull Tattoo


5. Skull Makeup For Special Holidays

The original skull makeup was a ritual at the Día de los Muertos in Mexico, where people painted sugar skulls on that day as a way to show respect and honor a lost loved one. The colorful face painting tradition adds festive and warm elements to the Day of the Dead, reduces the heavy sadness and gives the living the strength to live.

Whenever Halloween is approaching, too many YouTubers will launch instructional videos of skull makeup, beautiful or scary, fallen angels or messengers of hell. More and more people join in to establish the connection between the human world and the spiritual world.

Skull Makeup For Special Holidays


Skull art is the art of life and death that people have been pursuing, and this art with a long history now exudes a modern light. Have you figured out how to incorporate this charming art into your life with the tips above?

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