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Many people choose to get a tattoo for a variety of reasons, whether it's for personal reasons or just for fun. The aesthetic appeal of body art is that we can express ourselves in our own unique way.


Maybe you're tired of your colorful tattoos, the Blackwork tattoo style is sure to catch your eye. In the age of minimalism, the Blackwork style is unique and refreshing.



Blackwork style features black as the main color, sometimes with red or other accent colors. It can be as simple as a black line or as ornate as a geometric pattern, but it is not limited to that; A Blackwork tattoo can be anything.

In short, you can consider the Blackwork style as a tattoo that is not overly colored and is predominantly black.



1. Blackwork tattoos can be traced back thousands of years ago, Blackwork tattoos originated from tribal tattoos and were deeply influenced by them.

2. There is also a theory that Blackwork tattoos came from the Spanish Blackwork culture. This is a unique form of embroidery, which flourished in Spain in the 1500s.



Blackwork tattoos have an elegant artistic look that is not particularly associated with any age group. Its "simplicity", "diversity" and "wholeness" are in line with the current aesthetic. Graphics like real animals, spooky skulls, anime characters are all popular among tattoo lovers.



When you live the tattoo life, you not only want it on your skin, but you also want to make an impression with your clothing as well.

Blackwork tattoo minimalist aesthetic brings a nice harmony to clothes, from high fashion to streetwear.



RANDLION has always remained faithful to creating apparel inspired by graffiti, tattoos, hip hop, and street art.

The high degree of creative freedom and the constant pursuit of comfortable materials are the roots of our commitment. 

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